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Whatever you’re spending to advertise your Bridgend business in non digital advertising, cut the budget in half and spend that half on local search optimisation instead (Local SEO). It will pay back in spades later.

When the Internet came into being it was quickly recognised as a means for marketing any product to any destination in the world. And whilst the same remains true in this day and age, how does that help a small florist in Bridgend? Right?

Over the years Internet use has evolved at lightening speed. Once the domain of the big blue chip companies who had the global markets to make use of global reach? Today its the smaller, local enterprises who are cashing in.



  • 97% of smartphone users have searched online to find a local business. Even kids are doing it.
  • Around 82% of smartphone users will use a search engine first when searching for a product or service.
  • A mind boggling 46% of all searches on Google are seeking local information.

What that means is, with over 47 million smartphones in use here in the UK (2018), if your business is not visible on page 1 of a local, mobile Google search, you are out of the game my friend.

  • By 2021 Google estimates local search will generate $1.4 Trillion dollars in new business annually.

Thats not to say a business can’t survive on word of mouth allied to great customer service alone. Because we know it can?

In terms of sustainability tho? If one business is receiving 10x more phone calls or emails than its nearest competitor its easy to see which business has the best chance of success?

The Best Bit?

The Internet doesn’t know you, nor does it care about you personally. So you, and every other business working locally in your niche,  have an equal chance of grabbing vast swathes of market share. Ripe fruit for the picking.

You the business owner just need to ensure your chance is ‘more equal’ than anyone else’s, by investing in Local Search Optimisation.

Indexd SEO

INDEXD will co-join all of your digital properties and ensure they are all singing from the same hymn sheet. With daily, fresh, unique content. At the same time making sure your Google Business listings all pass muster. This last part matters hugely.

But getting to the top of a Google search is only half the job. We can then create a steady stream of on topic communications covering all or any of your social media channels. Allied to regular website updates its this ‘social’ output which keeps you at the top.

Its no mystery or dark art. Simply by following some time served steps you can make sure your Google listings are not only competing, but are also winning on your behalf in the search engines, 24/7.

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