Content is King when it comes to Local Search Domination in Bridgend

By | September 18, 2018

I initially wrote and published this back in 2013. Content marketing was and still is at the very root of local search. A lot of what I was talking about has over the years matured to bear fruit, but there is still time to catch this particular train. If you hurry.

2012 will be seen as the year Content Marketing really came of age. So much so money website Forbes compiled a list of 5 well known brands which now rely heavily on content marketing their brand as far and wide as possible. But it works even better on a local level.

Deere John..
As far back as 1895 agricultural machinery giant John Deere recognised a need for information not necessarily sales based, but which would ultimately lead to more machinery sales by showing farmers how to operate more profitably.

It created a magazine called ‘The Furrow’ which today, over a century later, is still in circulation, reaching an estimated 1.5 million readers in 40 countries.

Content is King

Although not a selling niche, content marketing is all about building brand loyalty with your customers. The format of the content can take many guises including video, text based documents, pictures and music.

The brief of the content marketeer is to deliver accurate and valuable information which the client will find useful and which may also engage your customers to talk back with their own observations. Creating those all important blog comments which are such effective google-bait.

Off Topic?

Why not? In fact, fill your boots. The key to efficient use of content marketing is to be able to link your brand with as much as possible which is happening in your local community. This puts the company in the news which your prospective clients are reading, making for a compelling communications strategy which is hard to circumnavigate.

Content marketing is cheap to undertake, fast at getting to work and should be one of the very first steps a Bridgend business takes in announcing its presence within the community it operates in.

So jump right in and create some content. Or get in touch and let  create some for you.  Either way, your bottom line will thank you for it later.

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