A Clearly Defined Digital Strategy is Key for Bridgend Business

By | September 18, 2018

Building a website to support and drive your Bridgend business forward is no longer a choice. SME’s who sit reluctant to make a small investment in the online success of their venture can rest assured that whilst they remain undecided on a serious web presence, their competitors are making hay.

By 2021, mobile devices alone will influence $1.4 trillion in local sales. So if you plan on hanging around in business for any period of time you’re going to have a little work to do creating your digital strategy. As getting this digital strategy right first time has now become more important than ever before.

Whichever sector your business operates within, a website is the focal point of a digital strategy which represents your business 24/7.

Its how your potential customers find and connect with you. But even more importantly for the small business owner, with web-savvy clients sure to have carried out their research before even making themselves known to you, a client who contacts you through a well presented website is already that much further down the path to making a purchase.

If the customer has browsed the products or services on the website and then decided to get in touch the ball is firmly in the business owners court to close that deal.

But how do we create this deal closing website on a tight budget? That’s the easy bit.


At every turn the prospective client needs to be told you are available and waiting for them to get in touch. Don’t rely on a customer following your ‘Contact Us’ link. Every time you publish to the website add a set of contact details at the end of the material, with a distinct and clear call to action.


There’s nothing more frustrating than spending 20 minutes reading web based material only to find the all important link which connects the client with you, is broken. And with 5 in 9 online retail sales now taking place via a smart phone or tablet, the ‘user experience’ is now more important than ever, so do your homework. Look for a modern, contemporary ‘responsive’ (mobile/tablet friendly) design which works across all browsers and you will reap rewards for your diligance.


How the client finds your website is a huge piece of the online puzzle. But you can simplify the task with a little forethought in how you set up your website. For instance take the time to research the keywords you would like your website to perform well for and make sure to incorporate those keywords in your titles, your descriptions and your meta-tags. And carry out the same excercise everytime you publish new material. It WILL pay back later.

Keep Current

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of regularly updating your website. Use a mix of blog posts, press releases and video. Your clients want to know you have your finger constantly on the pulse in your industry and regular high quality content updates will give your business authority in your chosen field, reassuring those prospective clients they’re speaking to the right person for the job and no matter what that job may be.


The importance of constantly and accurately monitoring the performance of your website cannot be over-stated. Its important to know where your web visitors are coming from, how they found you and what they’re reading when they’re on your website. If something you publish is attracting lots more traffic than a similar article, analyse why that is and try to emulate that across your digital strategy, consistently tweaking and adjusting your content so that it closes deals for you.

As mentioned earlier creating the website is the easy part. But finding the time necessary to keep it current is where the real legwork and dedication comes in.

But once you change the habits of the working day to include some time for updating your website it gets easier, until in the end you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

If your busy time-table prevents you creating and implementing this all important digital strategy for your business, you could always get someone to do it for you?


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