Bridgend: Digital Strategies for Local Search Dominance

By | September 18, 2018

In Bridgend, a thriving small business community allied to a busy high street is key, and for many reasons. It keeps prices keen, gives consumers more choice and it helps bring people back onto our ever declining town centre.

For many Bridgend town traders times are tough at the moment. It doesn’t need to be that way however, but for a little creativity in how you communicate with your prospective customers.

Here are 5 ideas on how you could use a digital strategy to increase revenue for a minimal outlay. Don’t be put off if you don’t operate in these industries. They will work for other business too.


A hairdresser is in an enviable position when it comes to creating a digital strategy to assist sales as a picture paints a thousand words. Like any art form a hairdresser starts with a blank canvas and creates something which is by any given metric, a thing of beauty. And this throws up lots of opportunities for a strategic digital PR campaign based around youtube videos, facebook, twitter and instagram.


The butchers shop has for a long time been a staple on the great British high street. Today though, with the 24/7 availability of fresh meat products through all night supermarkets, traditional butchers are needlessly struggling for market share. In todays tough times however, busy mums & dads are constantly looking for new ideas on how to feed the family with the best value cuts of meat. Ideas they don’t get from Tesco or Asda. So a digital campaign based around recipes and information would not only attract traffic to a website or blog. It will also increase sales.

Tool Hire

Tool hire is a business which is hard fought between those who operate in it. The difference between making a sale or not, can be as simple as saving a few pence over the price of a competitors like-for-like rental. And with most companies offering free delivery within 25 miles that puts Bridgend business at risk from Cardiff AND Swansea. But build an audience, gain trust and authority by offering ‘how to’ videos (how to lop a tree, mix cement, rotovate a garden etc) based around the tools you hire and cash in.


Bridgend is blessed with a number of small traditional cafe’s. Each of which a perfect location for a spot of breakfast and a cup of tea whilst shopping. But how can one cafe stand out from the crowd? Consumers like nothing better than having something for free, so imagine how pleased your customers will be if completely unprompted, you write your free daily WiFi password on their till receipt as they pay for their purchases? Help your customers network socially without eating into their contract data allowance to generate immediate, real time shares on facebook and twitter. Word will soon get round.

Nail Bar

In a similar vein to the hairdresser mentioned above, the nail bar operator is limited only by their own imagination when it comes to using digital marketing strategies. All it costs to get the public looking at your work is to video your best operator doing her thing whilst the client enjoys a cool glass of pino grigio. Nails have the ability to create the ‘wow’ factor. Do a great job and the client is going to want to show her social networks (and they in turn, theirs) and it all snowballs from there. Offer free WiFi as an added bonus and its happy days!

So remember. This doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Be creative in how you attract the attention of new customers using online means and you will cash in.

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