Bridgend SEO and Facebook Ads

By | September 22, 2018

Facebook advertising has taken the ability to engage with your prospective new customers to a whole new level. We simply set up Bridgend as the target area, specify our market with the in built tools, set a budget (daily, weekly or even ongoing?) and hit the button.

Just imagine being able to introduce your Bridgend small business to over 84,000 prospective new customers over the space of a few days.

Normally this sort of exposure would cost thousands of pounds in advertising, and across many different platforms and formats, (newspapers, freesheets, yellow pages etc).

Today however we can open a new shop or some other business in Bridgend and on the day we open we have the opportunity of exposing that business to quite literally 10’s of thousands of Bridgend residents.

In short, Facebook ads have become the game changer we were all looking for.

Would you like to discuss DONE FOR YOU facebook advertising for your business?


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