Local Google Search in Bridgend. Is Your Website Ready?

By | November 14, 2018

The importance of preparing your Bridgend Business, or rather its website, for Local Google Search cannot be over stated.

 If you have been used to a certain number of contacts being made via Google search, be they either phone calls, or emails perhaps? And they have suddenly dried up?

The answer to your problem could be down to the shift over to Google Local Search.

Desktop Search

Once upon a time pretty much every time a person punched a search term into Google, they did so on a desktop computer? Or a laptop?

Google search returns were set up to display those search returns in a certain way. A way which web marketers were familiar with.

As such, any search engine optimisation which took place, took place whilst being mindful of how Google would display the content.

Mobile Search

A few years back however, every thing changed. More and more people began carrying out their Google searches on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet.

As this trend gathered pace (and continues to do so today) Google started to change the way it displayed the search returns.

Today, if you carry out any sort of local search on a desktop, phone or tablet you will invariably see the Google maps box front & centre, right at the top of the search returns.

The Three Pack

On mobile devices this map box, called The Three Pack, is built to fit perfectly the screen of a mobile device.

In this 3 pack you will find three local businesses which in Google’s eyes, best match the search you just made. This is exactly what Local Google Search is designed to do and it does it very well. Especially so on mobile and tablet.

In the case of the image above left, if I were a resident of Bridgend and I was searching for a taxi, the map box gives me everything I need. I only need to choose which call button to hit. Therefore I have absolutely no reason to scroll further down the page.

Take Away?

What that means for the rest of us is, if we are not being seen in that all important map box, sadly, we are out of the game.

If your traffic has mysteriously dropped off, gearing up for local Google search with a course of local SEO from us here at INDEXD SEO is a great place to help change things for the better.

We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. So do please give me a call.

INDEXD SEO – 01656 50 2468

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