Indexd SEO: Virtual Door to Door Canvass Teams

By | July 27, 2019

Regardless of your industry, if you rely largely on door to door canvass teams for your new business lead generation, the good news is today, there exists a better, more effective, more efficient way of generating new sales opportunities.

A method which removes the often inconvenient human element from new business acquisition. Like when they don’t turn up for instance?

Indexd SEO Virtual door to door Canvas teamsFour seasons in a day
Its eminently cheaper overall, than employing canvassers. It never calls in sick and it doesn’t care what the weather is doing. Which is important when you live and work in or around Bridgend County lets face it?

Pay Per Click
Whilst it would be fair to suggest there’s nothing new about PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, the methods we have at our disposal today make it a fast way of gaining maximum public attention in the minimum amount of time.

Carry out some cursory research using the Google Keywords Planner and you will see every single industry is being searched for today.

Right now, someone in or around Bridgend is contemplating a major household renovation whilst at the same time wondering who they should speak to? So they’re taking to Google and facebook.

‘Your Friend is looking for recommendations’

In fact, they’re on facebook asking their friends for recommendations as we speak? We’ve all seen it right? Every single day?

Whilst they’re on facebook why not reach out to them with an ad, offering just the service they are looking for, right there on their timeline?

Facebook Ads
One of the major problems with people wasting money in Facebook ads is how those ads are targeted. It can be hard when you’re in the spotlight and new to facebook ads, to work out your target audience and this, is where Indexd SEO excels.

With our adsets we can accurately define geography, age, gender, occupation, interests to name just a few of the metrics we use.

It works 24/7 and takes advantage of the fact people have their defences set much lower when sitting in their living room at 10pm with a glass of red, pondering those new french doors or conservatory?

If you want to get totally ‘Cambridge Analytica’ we record all of the data recorded during the testing of different adsets, for use in future campaigns. Minimising any future failed ads.

Furthermore, when used alongside a facebook pixel, the pixel reminds the web surfer about your business at every opportunity.

Uh? Thats weird..
Did you ever hop on facebook only to see an advert for an item you recently viewed elsewhere? On a completely different website?

Chances are they had a facebook pixel installed and what you are seeing is the very definition of re-targeting. Using software to remind a person of a product or service they already expressed an interest in but stopped before proceeding through checkout.

Closing Warm Leads
Its one of the most powerful remarketing tools in use on the Internet currently, generating millions of pounds every year in what would ordinarily have been lost sales.

With Indexd SEO on your team you can bring all of this marketing power to bear on your sales campaigns, and then some.

365/24/7. We even work Christmas day.

From creating the pictures and text, we then define the audience and the geography and we set the budget.

We can define to the last person how many people will see your ad. 1000? 5000? 25000? Every single day? You are limited only by your own ambition.

Indexd SEO

Want to run campaigns in Neath Port Talbot? Rhondda Cynon Taf? Vale of Glamorgan? Put the car away. We got this. We can deploy our (virtual) door to door canvass teams at a few hours notice. Let us know your marketing schedule and we will work within those criteria.

If you would like to turbo charge your new business acquisition, make Indexd SEO the last door to door canvass team you ever need to engage.

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Indexd SEO

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